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less kitchen time  more paradise time

Time is precious! Vacation time is even more precious!! Making the most of your time on The Big Island of Hawaii is keeping you immersed in the beauty of The Big Island and out of the grocery store and kitchen.


Feeding the family is necessary but preparing the meals to eat is not.  We are available to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can spend more time making vacation memories rather than seeing the videos and pictures while you cook in the kitchen.  Let us prepare custom meals that meet all the dietary needs of the mouths you need to feed, on a timeline that works with all the adventure activities you have planned!



The chore of grocery shopping is a drag, especially on vacation.  Where to shop, unfamiliar isles, best food quality and prices not to mention, not all flights arrive while stores are even open. Let us take this worry away and arrive at your vacation home after a long days travel with a fully stocked kitchen filled with all your must haves.  We know the best places to shop that provide the local fresh produce, free range poultry and affordable staples for all of the mouths you need to feed.



After a long days travel or adventuring on The Big Island, coming home and preparing a meal is not exactly fun. Knowing there are delicious, healthy meals waiting in the refrigerator for you to simply reheat and serve is priceless! Our selection of meals will satisfy all pallets and dietary needs while you spend more time enjoying your vacation!

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